Teaching Social Work Assessment Skills

Trainer: William Gilbert, PhD, LCSW, AADC

This workshop presents a conceptual framework to use as a teaching tool in enhancing
the social work assessment skills of social service staff in their agency based work with
clients . Included are a review of core content areas that need to be addressed, the
appropriate application of research findings, and the steps to be taken in collecting,
organizing, analyzing, and summarizing client data. Group exercises for enhancing
supervisee assessment and interviewing skills are practiced as well as the objective use
of assessment data to inform practice and set measurable goals.

Learning Objectives (Supervisory Best Practices):
1. Use a holistic social work assessment framework as a teaching tool to guide
supervisees in collecting client data

2. Teach supervisees to systematically collect, organize, analyze, and summarize
client data

3. Encourage supervisees to assess and document client strengths as a central theme
in their work with each client

4. Help supervisees to recognize the influence of their own cultural biases (e.g.,
gender, race, age) on the assessment process and findings

5. Facilitate interactive training on interviewing skills to promote effective client-worker
collaboration in data collection

6. Help supervisees to apply assessment findings in setting measurable goals with
their clients