Successful Strategies for Understanding and Working with Adolescents

Kathi M. Crowe, LICSW
5 CECs
Monday, December 10, 2018
9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Hartford Public Library (Room 026), 500 Main St, Hartford, CT
Fees: $110 – UConn School of Social Work Alumni and Current Field Instructors
$125 – All others

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Through the use of humor and a fresh perspective, this seminar will explore the challenging developmental stage of adolescence. We will examine the developmental tasks and characteristics of adolescence with special attention paid to the behaviors that fall within and outside of “normal” adolescence. Adult attitudes towards youth will be examined, as well as the impact that these attitudes and beliefs have on our ability to work successfully with this population.

This seminar will enhance your understanding of the concepts of Positive Youth Development and Asset Building and explore how to integrate these philosophies into your work. You will learn techniques for engaging with adolescents and discover how to motivate them to work towards goals. The seminar is interactive and will incorporate various teaching techniques including video.

This seminar will enable you to: 

  • identify the tasks and characteristics associated with adolescence
  • explore adult attitudes that help, or hinder, successful work with youth
  • understand the concepts of Positive Youth Development and Asset Building
  • engage more effectively with adolescents
  • motivate youth to work towards service plan goals of self-esteem and important principles of positive youth development