Spirituality, Forgiving and Trauma Dimensions in Social Work Practice

Frederick “Jerry” Streets, MDiv, DSW, LCSW
5 CECs

Monday October 30, 2017
9:00 am – 3:30 pm
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Location: Hartford Public Library (Room 026), 500 Main St.

A traumatic event may profoundly impact a person’s sense of self, spirituality, religious faith and their beliefs about God or a higher power as well as their understanding of justice, forgiving and mercy. This seminar will explore the impact of trauma on the meaning of spirituality for those who have gone through a traumatic event and the implications for social work practice.

Participants will learn skills to develop a more trauma informed social work practice, increase their comfort level in addressing religious, spiritual, and issues relating to forgiving, and identify important factors when referring traumatized clients. Developing a greater awareness of self and its impact on professional social work practice will also be addressed.

Using lecture, case examples and small group discussion, this seminar will enable you to:

  • identify some of the basic clinical characteristics of trauma from a psychosocial developmental framework
  • discover the relationship and difference between grief, depression and the impact of trauma
  • learn the counseling skills needed when assessing and assisting clients who have been traumatized
  • explore the multiple contexts and cultural meanings of religion and spirituality
  • develop competencies of relating to religious clients who have been traumatized
  • conduct a basic trauma assessment of clients
  • explore a model of forgiving for clinical social work practice
  • identify the impact of trauma on clients’ sense of self, spirituality, resilience, forgiving, and purpose (values and value conflicts)
  • gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity of trauma, forgiving and human coping