Loyalty – The Root of Perpetual Unhappiness

Jo Nol, PhD, LCSW, MS
5 CECs

Monday, June 10, 2019
9:30 am – 4 pm

Location: Hartford Public Library, Downtown Branch, Room 026 – Use Arch St entrance

What does it mean when clients in psychotherapy remain stuck despite the therapist’s best efforts to help them make necessary changes toward their goals? How do we understand those clients who are perpetually unhappy and disappointed with partners, friends, co-workers, even therapists? What about those who go in and out of unsatisfying or abusive relationships?

Control-mastery understands these behaviors to convey useful information about a client’s past as well as reflecting an act of loyalty to her/his family of origin. Control-mastery, an empirically supported cognitive, psychodynamic, inter-personal theory of psychotherapy provides a framework for understanding a client’s unconscious and conscious goals for therapy. The theory offers guidelines for interventions to help free clients from misplaced loyalty. Drawing on this theory, participants will learn how to identify when unconscious loyalty is preventing clients from achieving their goals.

Concepts presented will be illustrated using case discussion. Participants are invited to present their own cases and will be encouraged to practice application of these concepts to their own case material.

In this seminar participants will:

  • review the main concepts of Control-mastery theory
  • learn to recognize the role loyalty plays and other psychological obstacles clients need to overcome
  • be able to define the client’s conscious and unconscious goals for therapy
  • be able to identify loyalty as a factor in therapy as well as practice formulating interventions using this information