Confronting Performance and Organizational Challenges

Trainer: Jo Nol, PhD, MS, LCSW

This workshop highlights other challenges supervisors may face including supervisees’
performance problems, organizational challenges, and ethical dilemmas in practice.
Supervisors will collaborate in exploring strategies for addressing these challenges and
promoting worker self-care to strengthen worker wellness and retention. Participants
will seek to integrate lessons learned throughout the program.

Learning Objectives (Supervisory Best Practices):

1. Communicate clearly and directly with supervisees about performance problems

2. Teach and partner with supervisees to recognize and respond to ethical dilemmas

3. Guide and partner with supervisees to identify practices which promote wellness
among staff

4. Engage in my own supervision and ongoing professional development

5. Provide leadership within the organization to create a culture where supervision is
sanctioned and necessary resources are allocated to assure staff learning

6. Assist supervisees in understanding their roles and the roles of other team
members, administrators, and clients in achieving collective and individual goals