Child Welfare Policies: How Federal Policies Impact Work in Connecticut

Megan Feely, PhD
5 CECs
Friday, December 1, 2017
9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Location: Hartford Public Library (Room 026), 500 Main St, Hartford, CT

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The Connecticut Department of Children and Families must follow federal child welfare laws that guide the protection of children, but the laws, interpretations, federal guidance, and applicable Connecticut legislation change frequently.  These laws govern everything from the definition of child maltreatment, to the types of services that must be provided to children and families, to the intended outcomes of the system.  The federal laws provide guidance, but they also create restrictions and mandates that child welfare agencies must comply with.  Changes to laws and policies create a dynamic, and sometimes confusing, environment for front-line service providers including case managers, mental health professionals and foster parents. This seminar will cover key federal child welfare policies, discuss some recent changes that have occurred at the federal and state level, explore a case study of the implementation of a federal policy at the state and local level.

This seminar will benefit participants who:

  • Currently work for the CT Department of Children and Families
  • Provide services to DCF clients
  • Are interested in working for DCF and want to understand the major policies

Participants in this seminar will:

  • know the key federal and state policies that govern the child welfare system
  • understand how some federal policies are implemented within Connecticut
  • explore recent policy changes that impact the child welfare system
  • participate in an interactive case study to learn how policy changes impact front-line work