Building Mutual Aid in Groups with Vulnerable and Resilient Populations

Alex Gitterman, EdD

5 CECs

Monday, May 20, 2019
9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: UConn School of Social Work, 38 Prospect St., Room 113
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Mutual aid is the primary rationale for the development of group services. By their very nature group mutual aid systems universalize individual issues, reduce isolation, and mitigate stigma through their powerful yet subtle interpersonal processes. This one-day seminar will focus on the knowledge, methods and skills involved in forming and beginning groups, building mutual support, and dealing with dysfunctional interpersonal processes such as: Withdrawing, Testing, Scapegoating, and Monopolizing.

Using the backdrop of time – preliminary, beginning, middle and termination phases – the social worker’s skills in helping group members to help each other will be emphasized.  The seminar format will include presentation, discussion, and role-play. Practice examples will be drawn from the participants and from Dr. Gitterman’s practice and teaching.

This seminar will enable you to increase your understanding and skills in:

  • forming groups
  • beginning with groups
  • building mutual support
  • learning to help group members to deal with painful, taboo content
  • helping group members to deal with dysfunctional group processes
  • helping with group phases of development
  • helping group members to terminate
  • integrate curriculum focus with mutual aid