Building Capacity Among Staff for Effective Practice with Families

Trainer: Jeremy Driscoll, LCSW

This workshop guides supervisors to teach supervisees a systems approach for
assessing the diverse strengths, limitations, and needs of client families. It further
guides supervisors to support staff in ethical practice and effective communication with
client family members and family groups. Evidence-informed strategies for addressing
complex and dysfunctional family situations involving abuse and violence,
codependence, and caregiving challenges are discussed.

Learning Objectives (Supervisory Best Practices):

1. Encourage and partner with supervisees to pursue an evidence informed approach
to practice with families

2. Teach a systems approach in assessing the strengths, limitations, and needs of the
client’s family

3. Help supervisees understand the differential needs of older and younger families
and their situations

4. Lead supervisees in practicing effective ways of communicating with family
members, individually and in groups

5. Support supervisees in applying culturally competent and racially equitable
approaches to working with older clients and families

6. Address ethical issues that arise in practice with families (family caregiving, family
dysfunction, and family violence)