Beyond Cultural Competence: Intersecting Identities and World Views

NEW LOCATION!  Hartford Public Library, Room 026, Hartford, CT

This seminar satisfies the cultural competency requirement for Connecticut social work licensure.

Lisa Werkmeister Rozas, LCSW, PhD
5 CECs

Monday, August 7 – Rescheduled Date
9:00 am – 3:30 pm

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As the population of Connecticut and the Northeast grows increasingly more diverse, so do the clients who present for services. A lack of understanding or full appreciation of sociocultural differences and their impact on clients can contribute to vast misunderstandings, resulting in the under-utilization of social work services. This seminar will provide a framework for social workers that will aid them in responding to a diverse client base with increased awareness, skills and knowledge.

Using a combination of didactic information and interactive exercises designed to encourage exploration, participants will reflect on how personal values, biases and assumptions can impact the quality of interaction with clients and colleagues alike. The seminar activities are designed to challenge assumptions and increase awareness of the ways that social identity, power, privilege, and personal biases affect our work. Dr. Werkmeister Rozas will offer strategies and resources which can be used by social workers to facilitate more informed, effective communication with clients and colleagues.

Participants in this seminar will:

  • learn how understanding a population’s behavior, communication styles, worldviews and historical events is an important tool in working with clients of all backgrounds
  • gain an understanding of the role power and privilege play in their lives, the lives of their colleagues, as well as their clients’ health and well-being
  • understand the role structural forces and inequalities have on delivering ethical and appropriate services
  • learn to reflect on and become more self-aware of the intersection of their own social identities, cultural backgrounds, and socialization processes and how they have shaped their worldview