Advancing Knowledge of Health Challenges Across the Life Course

This workshop helps supervisors to support social service staff in using evidence-informed approaches to common illness-related challenges that confront clients across the life course. Included are care transitions, acute health crises, management of chronic conditions, navigating health and long-term care systems, and the intersections of these issues with cultural diversity. Supervisors explore techniques for supporting teams in service planning, health education, and health advocacy.

Learning Objectives (Supervisory Best Practices):

  1. Review with supervisees the common illness-related challenges that confront clients across the life course (including care transitions, acute health crises, and navigating health and long-term care service systems)
  2. Support supervisees in the ongoing assessment of client health and illness
  3. Encourage and partner with supervisees to seek contemporary literature to better understand the health challenges confronted by clients (including chronic conditions,
    developmental disabilities, and acquired disabilities)
  4. Assist supervisees in planning to meet the health needs of their clients
  5. Help supervisees to prepare for providing culturally-informed health education to clients
  6. Support supervisees in empowering and joining with clients in health advocacy