Advancing Equity, Mind Science of Bias & Cultural Competence

This seminar provides at least one hour of content on cultural competence.

Salome Raheim, PhD, ACSW
5 CECs
Thursday, June 14, 2018
9:30 am – 4:00 pm – New Time!

Location: UConn Hartford Times Building, Rm 210 – Use Front St. entrance

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Characteristics such as race-ethnicity, gender, and zip code continue to be predictors of health, access to mental health services, educational opportunities, exposure to environmental toxins, and other quality of life factors. Using an equity framework enables practitioners and organizations to promote practices and partnerships to reduce or eliminate these disparities and assist clients and communities to thrive. Understanding the mind science of bias and the role of cultural competence are necessary elements for implementing an equity framework.

This interactive seminar will:

  • provide an overview of the mind science of bias and cultural competence
  • engage participants in activities to reduce implicit bias and increase cultural competence
  • present the steps to develop an equity framework for practice on the individual and organizational levels
  • examine local and national case examples of equity initiatives

Participants will have opportunities for cultural competence and implicit bias self-assessment and to develop individual action plans for using an equity framework in their practice.

At the conclusion of this seminar participants will:

  • understand the concepts of equity, implicit bias, and cultural competence, as well are their interconnection
  • increase skills to assess and strengthen their cultural competence
  • develop abilities to recognize and reduce implicit bias
  • develop skills to use an equity framework in their practice
  • develop an action plan for ongoing professional development